Tribe - Breath & Ice

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Exclusive Breathwork & Ice Bath experience for Tribe members. 28th June 6-9pm. Learn the physiological & psychological benefits of breathwork & cold water therapy with Wim Hof instructor Andy Mackenzie.  
  • 28th June - 6-9pm

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This exclusive workshop, with Andy Mackenzie, is desighned to give you the knowledge you need to thrive in life, as well as unlocking your full potential in your training.

Andy is a fully qualified Wim Hof instructor, as well as being a Level 3 PT and Olympic Performance Director... having coached athetes at both the Rio & Tokyo Olympics. Come and learn the simple methods you can use to reach your full potential.

Proven benefits:

The Wim Hof Method has been extensively researched, and more studies are being released every year. Here are just a few of the proven benefits:
  • Boost your Immune System

  • Improved resilience to Stress

  • More Energy

  • Better quality of Sleep

  • Reduce Anxiety & Depression

  • Regulate you automatic nervous system

  • Improve your mind body connection

Gradual Cold Exposure

Learn to thrive 

Unlock your inner fire by focusing on your mindset and breath... you have the power to achieve anything!
Scientifically Proven

Wim Hof

Wim has put himself through countless challenges and scientific studies to prove to the world the power of this method!